Building Materials Trading Market | Romania | 2010 - 2020

Building Materials

Oct 2016 | InterBiz updated and improved the 3rd edition of the sector analysis "Building Materials Wholesaling & Retailing Market, Romania, 2010 – 2020”.
DiY market recorded €1.6 bln in 2015 (+13% compared to 2014), of which about 68% of total sales represent products related to construction market, finishing and installations. The difference represents decorations, furniture, textile, electronics, auto spare parts. InterBiz estimates an advance of 18% of total sales in 2016, up to €1.9 bln. According to InterBiz, the sales area of DiY stores spread on 1.1 mln sqm. There are 9,000 selling points of building materials and installations in Romania, of which 120 are DiY stores.