Reports & Analyses interact

InterBiz’s reports & analyses offers comprehensive coverage of market sectors.
Our practice provides global industry analyses, quantitative and qualitative market research, forecasts & trends, custom analysis, and “growth reports service” that are tailored to help grow your business.

Methodologies used

Our vision is that in an analysis / research the most important is to have accurate information inputs. If not, then the entire analysis has absolutely no value and the beneficiary will not have quality services. Our value is that we use different tools to have correct prior information. Starting from this premise, in our analyses and reports we use verified information from 3-4 sources.

Data collection / desk research:

  • Conventional sources: public institutions, mass-media, internet, B2B research, analytical reports
  • Non-conventional sources: suppliers of various raw materials and basic services, Cournot type balance theory, distributors, retailers, end users. The techniques used consist of face to face interviews, by telephone (CATI) or via the Internet.

Data processing / biz intelligence:

  • The inputs are placed in a matrix and correlations are made. The unlikely variants are excluded and the likely variants are kept and bring into final form.
  • The forecast are made for three scenarios and are based on isoquant theories (different from one market to another depending on the atomization, maturity). Also, we take into consideration the influence factors, features and comparison with other countries.


  • The final form we consider it as intermediary information, but ready to be use in a sectorial analysis. InterBiz’s sectorial analysis concept is based on the five forces model – Porter.
  • In global market analyses proposed by InterBiz general conclusins are drawn not personalized, but are essential and specific to sector analyzed. Finally, our clients draw their own conclusions and make their own development strategies.
  • In the case of customized services the analysis is made in order to achieve the goals pursued by our client (eg it launches new product and would like to know how can it win with this product? / how to differentiate or positioning face to competitors? / satisfaction survey? / there are potential development "niche" markets?)

Sectors covered:

Agriculture: animal & poultry breeding, cereals, fertilizers & pesticides, feeds
Auto: spare parts, commercial vehicles, passenger cars
Construction: civil construction and engineering, cement and lime, aggregates & concrete, masonry materials, precast concrete, dry adhesives and mortars, paints & coatings, insulating materials, ceramic tiles, metallic structures & components, adhesive & sealants
Consumer goods: furniture, electronics, household appliances
Energy: heat & power, oil & gas, renewable energy, biodiesel, bioethanol
Finance & banks: insurance, leasing, banking
FMCG: milk & dairy, ice cream, milling & bakery, meat & meat products, sugar, edible oil, confectionary, household care, personal care, cosmetics
Healthcare: private healthcare services, pharma
Industry: paper & cardboards, plastics, packaging, textile & clothing, electric equipments, pipes & tubes, metallurgy, shipbuilding, rolling stock
IT&C: eCommerce, internet, hardware, software, CATV
Retail: fashion & clothing, building materials, food, electronics, pharma
Transport & logistic: freight, passenger, logistic
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