Sales & Channels choice

Choosing the right sales channel is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. In Romania are > 150,000 stores and > 80,000 distributors. Romania is a € 45 bln retail market (2008 data). It is difficult to choose the right and the best channels in order to grow sales and profit margins. Moreover, it is important to improve your cash flow with minimum risks. In these conditions, it is a priority for us to fulfill your needs.
This tool is designed to help you to achieve your business objectives.

Your gain - Achievement of “decision making”:

› open your own warehouse / store ? where ?
› which sales channels should you use or a mix of sales channels ?
› recruit your own sales force ? sales force effectiveness?
› engage a sales agent / representative ?
› ways to improve sales productivity? profit margins ? selling costs cutting ?

Our practice:

+ Targeting your end-users
+ Demand analysis
+ Market growth rate & profitability
+ Market size & segmentation by range of products
+ Competitive environment by range of products
+ Distribution structure
+ Identify potential sales channels and their importance
+ Pricing trends & segmentation
+ Margins & profits in sales channels
+ Perceptual map
+ Risks, barriers, opportunities

InterBiz | research & consulting provides advanced support to clients on sales and channels issues for all industries. Our team of market analysts, consultants and experts continuously monitor and evaluate your target market.
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