Construction Market | Romania | 2004 - 2020

Construction Market
In 2010 the construction market fell by 9% comparing to 2009, up to € 16.5 bln, of which Gross Added Value amounted to € 10.8 bln and the construction materials reached € 5.3 bln. The share of construction in GDP
formation was 8.8% in 2009, but in 2011 will drop to 8%. The largest share of total market has held by transport infrastructure and utilities – 33%, followed by non-residential construction – 28% and residential construction – 28% Further, the construction market in Romania has a significant higher growth potential than other countries. For example, to reach the current EU average, Romania should have ~3,600 km of highway, with 3,300 km more than now. Over the next years the construction sector should face several challenges including the EU funds, the demand of new residential and non-residential buildings, prices, government’s investment programs.