Paints & Coatings Market | Romania | 2005 – 2020

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In Aug 2011, InterBiz | research & consulting updated and improved the analysis “Paints & Coatings Market, Romania, 2005 – 2015. Trends to 2020”.
In 2010 the paints and coatings
market fell by 2% comparing to 2009 and for 2011 InterBiz estimates a slight recovery of consumption.As we predicted in August 2009, the paints and coatings market in 2010 was sustained by renovation works.
Other support factors of decorative paints market: expansion of large stores, expansion of distribution area, expanding the range of products of the firms on the market, new players entry, completed dwellings during the last years but partly finished. The potential of domestic consumption of paints and coatings in Romania is 700,000 tons, but could not be reached until 2020.


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