Precast Concrete & Admixtures Market | Romania | 2004 – 2014

…building structures, infrastructure elements, concrete pipes, concrete poles, flagstones, tiles, admixtures
In Aug 2011, InterBiz | research & consulting updated and improved the analysis
“Precast Concrete & Admixtures Market, Romania, 2004 – 2014”.
In 2010 the precast concrete market fell by 5% to almost 1 mln m3, of which reinforced precast concrete share almost 25% of the market. The most dynamic segment on precast concrete market is pavement system, having a share of over 50% of total. On the market are about 550 producers who have production capacity installed of 2.6 mln m3. Comparing to other countries the precast concrete consumption in Romania is five-fold lower, in value, which indicates a high growth potential.


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