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May 5, 2009 - InterBiz | Research & Consulting – Mediafax, partnership


Starting Tuesday, May 5, 2009, InterBiz | Research & Consulting has signed a partnership with the Mediafax news agency to provide companies the sectoral analysis on various economic fields.
The new product sent to Mediafax Business News customers is the analysis covering a wide variety of industries, including consumer goods, retail, construction, energy, transport, health, finance and insurance, tourism, environment, various manufacturing industries.
The first analysis provided by Mediafax are "Dairy Market, Romania, 2004 - 2013" and "Insulating Materials Market, Romania, 2003 – 2013”. These two sectors are analyzed throgh the current economic context and highlights influencing factors trends, positioning and movement of the competitive environment, risks and opportunities.
This type of analysis, sent to Mediafax Business News customers by e-mail, are useful in case of mergers and acquisitions, but also to obtain financing by companies achieve business plans, develop marketing strategies for growth and repositioning plans.
In addition to these tests, conducted periodically or on demand, Mediafax provides a bi-monthly analytical report on the construction market, ConBiz. Each issue of this report completed by InterBiz | Research & Consulting includes a brief overview of the sector, an assessment of the influence of news in the last two weeks in the construction market, information about the latest projects announced, trends and forecasts.
"More and more companies operating in Romania are beginning to be interested in the sectoral analysis that takes into account several influence and development factors, already obvious in the local business environment, the links between sectors. The objectivity and complexity analysis of InterBiz brings benefit to beneficiaries because our approach is based on knowledge and quality, not quantity, "said Adrian Iordache, Business Manager InterBiz | Research & Consulting.
Sectoral analysis adds to the types of economic information that Mediafax, the largest provider of general information and business in Romania, it provides to its customers. Thus, they have access through the site to content encompassing economic news in real time, auctions, statistics, press clipping, business opportunities, a schedule of the most important events of the day and the great fairs in the coming period, general and business information about almost 64,000 companies in Romania, and real-time quotes from the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

About InterBiz | research & consulting
InterBiz | Research & Consulting provides strategic consulting services with the starting point of value information from sectoral analysis conducted. During the 8 years of activity, InterBiz has made over 150 sectoral analysis, covering about 95% of domestic economic activities. The analysis covering 16 industrie structured by sectors and subsectors, are permanently updated. Areas of coverage are: FMCG, Durables Goods, Auto, Manufacturing, Equipment, Finance & Banking, IT & C, Construction, Transport, Trade, Tourism, Media, Professional Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Energy, Agriculture and Mining.

About Mediafax
Mediafax provides specialized information flows for business since 1994. In time, it has developed a range of professional newsletters, and in July 2007 launched the new website, by which companies have access to economic information in real time in the fields: Automotive & Transport, Construction & Real Estate, Energy, Financial IT & C, Media & Advertising, Retail & Agriculture, Health & Pharmaceutical and Tourism. In July 2008 it was released the second version of the site with new features and an improved layout. In the same period, any visitor to the site, besides Mediafax Business News customers, have access to the hotels & conference rooms. In October 2008, includes companies’ database, providing direct access to general and financial information on about 64,000 companies in Romania.

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