Dairy Market | Romania | 2009 - 2016


In 2013 the milk and dairy market in Romania rose 8% in volume and 12% in value (y-o.y). Overall, during 2009 - 2013 the dairy market recorded a CAGR of only 3% in value, well below the rate recorded in 2004 – 2008 (CAGR 21%). The growth rate is in line with the estimates in our report in April 2009. If we compare the consumption of industrialized milk & dairy in Romania to the EU 27 average, then results a growth potential of almost 4 times for Romania. By 2016 the realistic scenario of InterBiz shows that the dairy market will reach €1.6 bln in retail, CAGR of 1% in EUR. The dairy market highlighted the trend of suppliers to offer diversity of products, innovation for consumers, new opportunities combined with modern consumer trend.